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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Decorina's Blog

Well, Google, in their infinite wisdom has somehow focakked my former blog into the ethersphere and I can't post anymore.  Not that I was posting anyway.

So I'm starting over with a slightly different address: So there you go.

First up:  Jimmy

Man, did that little dog find a nice place to live.  While we still miss Skylar every day, we are inordinately fond of Jimmy and his loveable ways.  He is very lively and fun and greets each day with some big time enthusiasm by leaping off my bed and heading for the door.

His favorite toy, a stuffed lobster, suddenly disintegrated and it took all of an afternoon to find a replacement.  I had to stand in front of the mega-rack at the pet store and squeak each one until I found one that had the squeaker in the right place....   So he was a little disconcerted that his prize toy disappeared for a few hours.  That night, when he went to bed we looked over there and he had placed both of his new toys right next to his bed.  I think he was planning on sleeping with one eye open to make sure that we didn't disappear any more of his toys...   Here is a picture:

 So here he is on his favorite chair in the morning, I have to move it around the room to catch the sunbeam that he craves.  He will lay on the floor, if necessary, but he prefers the chair because it is just the right size and he looks very nice against the upholstery.

He also loves the cushions on the yellow sofa; I believe he thinks they show him to his best advatage and are oh, so soft and comfy to snooze on.

After all, custom pillows with custom trim, made by Mom, what could be better????


  1. Oh, Jimmy is soooooo adorable!!!!

  2. What a cute boy! I can't wait to meet him!!!


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