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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Eclectic Women

There is a new meetup in town.  This one is a great, great, group of wonderful girlfriends...just what I was looking for.  The organizer, Meg, is a kindred spirit for me and, I suspect, many of the others, because she is smart and energetic and into doing things and getting to know new people.

Here are three of the members making homemade green and red chili in my kitchen. We are stripping the red chilis on the ristra in this photo and despite having a 4' long ristra we ended up with just under a gallon of red chili.  I hoard it because I love red chili and think it keeps you healthy.  With their help we made the best red chili EVER!

In this picture we are making lemoncello!!!!  Sheila was so nice to volunteer her skills and kitchen to make homemade lemoncello - it totally rocked.  There were only three of us, but we made the lemoncello and two kinds of sauces for pasta.  Joel and I both think the sauce was the best ever Bolognese sauce either of us had ever had.  Ever.

We left Sheila's with a bottle of limoncello and the batch we made is "cooking".  It has to sit for 40 days (and nights?) after which more vodka and sugar are added.  Then another 40 days (so biblical) and viola!  Limoncello!!!!!!

This is Emily; she is the youngest of 9 kids and has mad peeling skills.  That is the thing she was allowed to do while the rest of the family cooked.  She can peel a lemon faster than you can blink.  Then she asks for another one.  Emily will always have an invitation to any limoncello party that happens.

Sheila is ladling the finished sauce into containers for us to take home.  Best.  Sauce.  Ever.

I couldn't resist this photo of Sheila as a kid.  She hasn't changed much, eh?

So I loves this group of women - they have been wonderful to get to know.  Thanks to all of you.

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