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Monday, September 23, 2013

I Will Just Interline the Draperies...What Was I Thinking????

The new draperies for the family room are under construction.  I decided to interline them; there is a third piece of a sort of double brushed flannel that must be attached to the face fabric.  Then those two are treated as one and they are lined with a third fabric.  Arrrrggggh.  Much easier said than done.

First I must tell you that I had custom rods made by the local blacksmith.  I've had it with the "adjustable" rods sold in stores.  If you have custom draperies their weight will make those cheesy rods is just sad after a couple of months.  These are 3/4" iron with *custom* finials.  I used three leaf finials:  (A little blurry, my apologies)

I liked the way it complimented the leaf design in the fabric (which you will see shortly).

Then, I bought a final finial.  It is a bird finial that goes on the end of the rod next to the door leading outside from the family room:

He had to be tilted a little so he didn't hit his head on the sky.

Oh yes, I painted the ceiling blue.  It is a turquoisey kind of blue just like the Colorado sky.  I ordered the finials online from a company in Texas.  It took 2-3 weeks for them to be made and it took Brent at Friel's Iron Products about the same amount of time to make the rods and the rings for me.  He also made the custom, curved rod for the kitchen window.  That one took a few back and forths to get the curve exactly right, but it got done.

It is taking an inordinate amount of "floor time" with these draperies.  And my ability to get down on the floor and then get up again, over and over, has been handicapped.  Wah!  So frustrating.

Here is a picture of the lovely felt-y interlining with part of the face fabric folded over it.

But I have leaky old windows and the lining fabric with the big grey spots would telegraph the pattern right though the face fabric without the interlining.  In my heart I lust after the big cutting tables I used to see in the workrooms.  It would save my back, knees and legs...oh well.  Ever onward.

And there is the spotted lining with the face fabric.  You can see the pattern of the dark grey leaves that gave me the idea for the leaf finials on the right side of the face fabric.

I'm not showing the entire room yet.  Once the draperies are finished I'll post those.

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  1. Oh, they will be awesome when you are done!!!


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